It is great that OpenERP recently has some great updates
and not only it has the possibility of windows , linux gtk based clients but with its webclient which originated from eTiny is also a powerful client for OpenERP.

The good things about OpenERP is that you write one logic at the server then the rest
of the UI will independent of the Server logic.

As I am from Delphi background where I have already modified the gtk client to call my custom
application built by Delphi but I have left only one more interface needed that is to also compatible with eTiny the OpenERP web client , I found out that I need to deal with basically javascript.

And after much digging for around 5 days , I finally got my solutions to call windows exe thru OpenERP WEB client. Now I am a happy man , coz my openerp project can both be gtk and webclient and are able to call the windows exe.

By the way I am using the multi-tier technologies to communicate with my application server
and it is FAST!!! .

There is still one more things that is how to do it in firefox … where ActiveXObject is not available perhaps is to write a xpi , plugin for firefox ???

Well , at this moment I can ask my customer to temporary keep using IE until I find out how to throw IE into my “Recycle Bin”!

Please refer to forum for details.