Hi Odoo community, first we are a Odoo service provider, so perhaps my content will be biased, but you be the judge for what i have to say then. Odoo community can have these groups of people, Odoo Enterprise and Opensource community. And from both of this group, they are either a community that is making a profit or making a loss and perhaps a 3rd group, they are not in for a profit. but still their beer and food on the table, someone has to pay for it right?

  1. The closest competitors for Odoo

https://flectrahq.com/ Electra , a direct Odoo split
https://akretion.com/en, a early split since the days of openERP, by one of the most talented contributed to the early versions of OpenERP/Odoo , https://twitter.com/rvalyi
https://erpnext.com/ has a Free-forever module

  1. The closest Odoo studio and Dashboard, enterprise competitors

https://apps-odoo.com/ for both studio and dashboard
– and for dashboard, we can always goto the Odoo app store and look for 3rd party apps.
https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/browse?search=dashboard , plenty of them. take a look.

  1. The good and bad of being an odoo partners, I agreed with what Yenthe is saying,
    here is the link to directly accessing his tweet.

  1. What is the main “likely” resistance of using Odoo community,

Link for accessing the post.

  1. More heat is generated for Odoo’s partners and are competing with Odoo Enterprise , I hope that the who process can work out a more positive outcome which everyone, so we can have a great
    active Odoo communities working together to benefit both the End users, the companies or enterprises, and the Developers or those who have contributed into the
    making this opensource based product a success.

In no way, that I am related to all the above-mentioned companies or services. For us, we only offer Odoo-related services for both Enterprise and Community versions.
For me, I think it is easier and cost-saving for smaller SMEs with very few users or manufacturing to go with the enterprise version.

Community is for any SME that is Tech Savvy or has some good, experienced, competent Odoo partner to help support them in their daily operations.