ok , ok, Malaysia / Singapore SME , we hear you ,like our own learning path … to capture Analytic Account application in Odoo / OpenERP is not easy, some time can be “blur blur !”  but after all it neither very difficult “one”, here , i wish to share with you some application scenario

For Analytic Accounts entries , it basically can be captured in many different area , but for sake of concept capturing , i will only use 2 most interested area , that is from the Purchase and Sales (FYI , other area such is Timesheet for HR , Project Costing are possible ) once you got the idea , u can implement this yourself.
step 1. Decide to have analyse which department(s) , e.g. QC , Admin , Production , Sales.
step 2. Decide for which Expenses you wish to share among the departments
step 3. Decide for which Revenue you wish to share …
step 4. Design the Analytic Chart of Account
1000-0000 QC Gross Profit
1000-1001 QC – Revenue
1000-2001 QC – Expenses 
2000-0000 Admin Gross Profit
2000-1001 Admin Revenue
2000-2001 Admin Expenses

and for the rest of department . You can also create different Journal for grouping of all the transactions , e.g. Analytic Sales Journal , Analytic Purchase journal etc.

Setup your Analytic Distribution (PLEASE DIFFERENTIATE ANALYTIC DISTRIBUTION AND ANALYTIC PLAN , it means separate functions )

  • Analytic Sales Distribution 
    • 1000-1001 QC – Revenue             20 %
    • 2000-1001 Admin Revenue         15 %
    • 3000-1001 Sales Revenue           30 %
    • 4000-1001 Production Revenue  35 %

Step 5. (Capturing Sales) then when you make any sales or purchase , at the lines of selecting each product , you can select your Analytic Plan , which i hv given an example, select the “Analytic Sales Plan”  , then when you CONFIRM the Sales Order , the ERP will post these value for each order lines and split the sale value into the percentage allocated for each department into the Analytic Chart of Account.

Step 6. (Capturing Purchase) , when you make any purchase entries , at the lines of selecting the product , you do the same but this time you select the Analytic Purchase Plan that you have setup.

Step 7. Now if you go back to view your Analytic chart which may have the structure like 

  • Chevon KL 
    • QC Gross Profit
      • QC Revenue
      • QC Expenses
    • Admin Gross Profit
      • Admin Revenue
      • Admin Expenses
    • … the others..

so u can easily browse and view the gross profit of each department easily once we have made any Sales and Purchase.

ok , hope you Malaysia Boleh ! Happy Odooing !!!