OpenERP has recently gained a lot of heat and interest around Malaysia and Singapore , where we have been contacted by many clients for information , from a few success site implementations in Kota kinabalu , Kuching , Singapore , JB, KL and Penang , we have come to believe a few principles as part of our learning process to adopt a flexible agile project management methodology , a lot of Proprietary ERP vendor or integrator feeling more comfortable with Waterfall style project management methodology and younger generation , OpenERP style promote Agile style project management , we used both and actually both has its pro and con , but there is some principles that whether is Waterfall or Agile that can guide implementation of OpenERP for Regional SME in Malaysia and Singapore ,

these are 
1. Management commitment

( a Top down approach and full committed support from Client’s management and off course how can we miss out COST right , this is no Off the sheft Accounting package and company must be willing to spend on consultation services or at least have  budgeted it to at least a 30% less than any Propitiatory ERP ,which usually is the License cost but the OpenERP consultation services are NOT cheaper than Propitiatory ERP services , OpenERP is open source , free but consultation services is the same . )

2. Company readiness

( department , users and data readiness )

3. Knowledge

( knowledge of the ERP system , knowledge of the Business process for different industries, knowledge of the platform & technologies etc )

4. Experience and Character of Project manager

( i must say with all the above + half of item 4 experiences but without character is a risk to the project , as project manager may be competence but do not know how to interact , when to pull break , which can be flexible or what priorities to focus , this are serious problem isn’t , 

but i wander how many openERP projects implementation failed due to just this small part a Project manager has no character which caused failing to delivery solutions to customer and be responsible to satisfy customer’s requirements . Many has statistic for why ERP failed but very few , in fact i have not come across any article about this … by the way any one of you have seen something related to that Character vs Project success ?
This is only my thought without any other facts backup other than those projects that we have delivered to our clients here in SME Malaysia and Singapore. Hope to share to gain more insight. 
Cheers and happy openERPing!