Yesterday , when i was trying out to convert some community reports made using aeroo , which uses libreoffice odt format for odoo , i wander whether we can convert it back to sxw ,

this article do not explain the detail of how to do the conversion of the parser , however it show the proof of concepts it is possible !

First you have to get the ODT and change the format according to the SXW format , of course , if may say why take the trouble , just install openOffice older version will do , but to me , i just do not wish to install so many Office tools … i already had WPS office and LibreOffice install , so i choose alternative way .

After we converted the format of ODT , save it ! , then go to this website ,


and upload it , there is an option for you to output the file back to SXW , so do it and download it back to your Odoo , the formal openERP module report folder.

later you can issue a command , mine is as follow ( please take note , i am in windows environment)

          python c:openerpaddonsbase_report_designeropenerp_sxw2rmlopenerp_sxw2rml.py .my_report.sxw > .my_report.rml 

then it will works as your usual Odoo / openERP RML template.