Hi all , been really busy with GST implementation and we have gained more industries knowledge how flexible and odoo/openerp can adopt to ,we have a few use cases about how to use odoo for industries who buy parts and disassemble then sell the lose parts ,

let assume you purchase an original product FG from a supplier A , intended to disassemble them and later sale it as Part A1 , Part A2 and Part A3 , then you have to use setup as follow in odoo / openerp

1. define a BoM , where product to produce is My FG ( clone svr)  , type is Phantom Set ,
2. define component(s) to use is Original FG which to be used to disassemble ,
    add in other components is required.
   ( all this will be deducted from stock after manufactured)
3. define by products , what products to produce , i.e. Part A1 , A2 and A3 , these will be produced and put into stock after manufactured.

at the By products type , you can enter the products to be produced after the disassembling.

for sales , nothing changes , you can then freely select the A1 , A2 and A3 to sale it with GST attached.