I do not know about you guys , for us from the client base we are serving , we are maintaining version 5.x , 6.x , 7.x and now we are testing 8.x … not long from now , 9.x is lining up … we as developer of Odoo are facing maintenance issues for keeping up the pace and business dynamic for our clients ,

usually we can see the problem as below ,

1. lacking of resource to maintain the updated code ,
2. lacking of good method to keep our on-demand , client’s installation updated ,
    where there are so many different versions of source code everywhere ,
3. lacking of systematic way of follow up with the official Odoo  source code
    (any latest update may break our current development which take longer times to
     rectified , do not tell me , u do not face this issue if you are not following the Odoo CI platform ! )
4. lacking of good testing methodology to test the modified modules , YAML and test unit has
    been around , frankly , i do not know what to do with it yet , but i wander how many of
    the developer in the market are putting this test methodology into practice , in fact
    it take extra resources to define such test which cost more to our customer where how
    many are willing to pay for this test ?
5. lacking of good deployment strategy , some is developer , some is functional experts who
    responsible to deploy , some is tester / QC of the code , but when developer finished the
    coding (do not tell me about being agile / using SCRUM , well i love to , but when there
    are too many tasks which if all the above environment failed to setup or certain methodology
    failed to enforce then we are only store up a Time Bomb that will explode anytime !

I am always in search of that ONE solutions can improve the above process in order to give a better services to all my clients , i am not sure you will agreed with me or not ?

I am not longer here to ask my client , come onboard , have confident in us, we are the 1st partner in this region but without thinking how to improve our operations , yes , i believe , in terms of MOST of THE INTEGRATION to any platform (Windows/Linux) or any 3rd party solutions or customization of the Odoo itself is not LONGER a big challenge to us , but the operations , the resources , the way we handle & manage our project to me is more and more important , if we were to set ourselves to become one of the best ! To be best provider for Odoo is not longer just a good developer , but of course that is the basic and most important , but to continue to grow with Odoo , we need to improve ourselves in order how we manage our project with Full SDLC  in Odoo !