From Sep till the Oct/11 , the openerp V6.2dev is lacking of
psutil and its related pyd/dll files
and the openerp,resources , openerp.osv and openerp.tools has to be manualy copied to the root server folder before it can runs and yes gdata is still missing where you need to manually install it.

emm … are you sure you want to test now ?

We hope that the information here help you all to test and give feedback to improve openerp,
so far … we tested for the functions , a lot of improvement , we would say that it can help increase
productivity in terms of collaboration of all the processes in the
openerp modules thru social network like communication ,

so guys , start commenting  … or get familiar with your facebook like

for us we are going to jump from v6.1 to V7.0 for our un-launch modules for Malaysia payroll. BUSY BUSY BUSY !