Hi Guys , finally a long break since i last wrote a blog about openERP , yes , i know , we called it Odoo now right … whatever it is still my favourite framework …

a lot of you may still looking for an answer about FIFO … here go

FIFO/LIFO stock valuation is by default provided in Odoo V8. By default system will do stock valuation based on “FIFO” method itself. You able to see “Removal Strategy” under Locations, where you can set FIFO / LIFO, if you didn’t choose removal strategy, then the system will choose FIFO as default.

To check this, you need to configure your product correctly.
Choose Costing method as “Real Price” & Valuation as “Real Time”.

Hope that excite you like it has already excite me !!!
Happy Odooing , SME Malaysia.