Hi Odooer , how is things with you all ? long time no post , hope that more SME is leveraging on the power of Odoo ,  today i am going to show you how you can make a simple static module which uses Odoo web server to display you content instead of using other web server…

1. make a new module with folder structure as follow ,
2. copy all your static HTML assets folder like mine , eglobalscm ,
3. then refresh and update your app module list in your Odoo ,
4. You DO NOT need to install it, once you have added into the module and you can see it as one of the app to be installed , u can choose NOT to install it but is up to you and depending your need whether your other modules need to refer to it or not , 
5. you should be able to view it under your Odoo server , like below …
ok , hope this short tips help you !