Just in case you missed the change log of openERP 5.0.14 , E-global , are hoping we can spread the news of the updates especially on many accounting modules , we E-global Malaysia openERP first silver partner are in the midst of testing and localizing the Financial / accounting modules and make in more look more friendlier for Locals to adopt OpenERP , here are the announcement … 

OpenERP 5.0.14 Announced

September 4, 2010 – 06:51 — David Bucknell

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We have the pleasure to announce a new revision of OpenERP 5.0.

The previous version 5.0.13 of OpenERP had a problem with the version of Python 2.4 and 2.5.

This release contains the bug fixes of 5.0.13 and one important security fix which you can find in this brief summary.
In this version we have back-ported the safe_eval function from the trunk version.
But if you want to find more details you can look at the Changelogs [1]

The Windows Installers will be made available as soon as possible.

The translations have been updated


* Bugfixes

* Use the safe_eval function from trunk
* Don’t marshal None in XML-RPC
* Correct the field.related behavior at write()
* Fix a problem with the “Resynchronise Terms” wizard
* Fix a bug in the read function if the field is a function field or a many2one and store=True
* Fix the RNG, the filter attribute was missing
* Backport the safe_eval function from the trunk version of OpenERP
* Better Logging, display database name in the logger
* Add the @logged decorator also log exceptions
* Add the @traceback decorator that log the traceback at call

Bugfixes (addons)

* Use the safe_eval function from trunk
* account : Improve the calculation of general ledger
* account : General Journal and Central Journal Reports Corrected & Optimized
* account : General Ledger report improved
* account : Read Access for Fiscalyear given to Partner Manager
* account : Pay Invoice Wizard in foreign currency
* account : Use the right journal and period ids for the General Journal Report
* account : added notification on absence of invoice sequence number
* account : Bank statement should allow opening entries to reconcile disrespecting jornal
* account : Overdue message wizard corrected
* account : Partner Balance report filter corrected
* account : Unpaid invoices should not include proforma type of invoices
* account : fixed _search_amount() ethod to allow operators like <, >, =, !=, in and not in
* account : sequences in fiscal years should be restricted to the same type.
* account_date_check : Corrections in check_date constraint of move line
* account_followup : Report corrected by putting formatLang for maturity date
* crm: fixes send reminder.
* crm_configuration : Stage should be set to the basic stage of opportunity when leads are converted to opportunity.
* hr_timesheet : Onchange of user was counting changed user into context
* hr_timesheet_sheet : timesheet should only be confirmed when no. of sign in entries equal to sign out
* l10n_be : VAT Declaration wizard corrected
* l10n_be : Wizard of VAT intra corrected
* l10n_be : VAT Listing Wizard corrected
* l10n_ch : Correction on making payment with DTA
* mrp : Cancellation of procurement allowed if it has no moves attached
* mrp: Attribute the right destination location
* mrp_repair : Creation of invoices corrected from repairs with fees
* purchase : Translations corrected
* purchase : Report should show Partner of destination address
* purchase : Calculation of minimum planned date should not fail when there is no PO Line.
* report_intrastat : Correction in PSQL View creation
* sale : Cancellation of Order should be allowed by un-linking the Pickings to it
* sale : Correction on advance invoice wizard
* sale : Included customer reference in advance invoice
* sale : Make Invoice button set to invisible when invoiced.
* sale_crm : Case should be created with the user which is supplied from the wizard,not the current logged in user
* stock : Chained picking should generate same picking for moves
* stock : Manually created stock moves should confirm without fail
* stock : The return picking wizard has been improved
* stock: Use the standard price for the default price in the wizard of a partial picking
* wiki : Corrections for history revision differences,_rec_name corrected

You will find the Windows Installers and the tarball archives on OpenERP download page.