A lot of openerp users started to ask ,
how to print directly to printer , especially for POS , it is a mandatory features , well in openERP we have a few options ,

1. CUPS (linux) , available as base_report_to_printer
2. Cloud print ( will be releasing soon by us )
3. module win32print ( for windows and will be doing )

So u wanna print , in a Windows environment … we have published the google cloud print
module for the openERP . you can go over to download the module at 

https://launchpad.net/openerp-malaysia  , please download the module and install it, you will require some python library from Google.

If you get stuck ,then you should come back to this blog for a further explanation and i encourage you to join my members network for update informations , i will make a tutorial based on this module when i have time as we are in the midst of rushing a few new openERP local projects but it is always in my mind to contribute back to the openERP community.