OpenERP Services 服务 (Price is valid for Johor , Malaysia , prices varies depending on location)
  1. Preliminary Study Services (We offer a service that only require to pay a small amount of fees to assist you to evaluate openERP ) , From RM8000 for 5 Days . 初步研究服务(我们提供一项服务,只需要支付少量的费用,以协助您评估openERP
  2. Pre Analysis Services ( When implementation becoming more serious , you can engage us to come on site to do a professional pre-analysis services to help you to map out your business requirements with openERP functionalities ,the deliverables of the services will be reports based on our analysis as well as an official quote for actually engaging us to do the implementation ,our price depend on number of manday engaged, From RM800 per manday .系统需求研究分析服务(当你需要实施openERP,你可以聘请我们来做一个专业需求分析服务,openERP功能帮助分析出你与你的业务需求,服务的价格将根据我们的报告报价。)
  3. Implementation Services ( This service is the actual implementation services of the standard module , those that can use right out of the box of openERP certified modules ) ,our price depend on Quote , From RM1000 per manday
  4. Customization Services ( This service is the service we based on your business requirements to customize or integrate , to import/export from another system or to write some functions from the scratch ) , From RM1500 per manday .(此服务是我们根据您的业务需求定制ERP系统,服务包括:从另一个系统以整合,导入/导出或从新写一些功能)。
  5. Debug Services ( This service will assist your company to debug or getting help where you have modules not complete or you have installed certain modules but could not get it work properly .) , From RM800 per manday. 软件调试服务(此服务将协助贵公司调试不完整模块或已安装的某些模块,但它不能正常操作。)。
  6. Deployment  and Training Services ( This service will assist your company to deploy the openERP and help you organized the Training for your users and providing knowledge based documentation for you to access) , From RM1200 (per manday) . 部署和培训服务(此服务将协助贵公司部署openERP,并帮助您为您的用户和组织提供知识基础培训文档)
  7. Local Maintenance Services  ( This service will assist you in terms of maintaining a sustainable ICT infrastructure , SLA for openERP, it is especially important for a company whose operation is depending on ERP where tolerance of system failure is low )  , depend on Quote and SLA.
  8. Official OPW subscription (It is a openERP official warranty that we  recommend our clients to subscribe when they started to implement openERP, it protect them from future new upgrade migration issues ) ,from  RM3500 depend on No. of Users . 官方OPW认购(这是一个openERP官方保修,我们建议客户认购,当他们开始开始实施openERP,它保证您的openERP未来新版本可以升级
  9. Specialized Training Services ( We can provide you a specific & detail module training so that you can  continue openERP evaluation or implementation ) , from RM1500. 专业培训服务(我们可以为您提供ERP个自模块的培训,供你继续评估或实施openERP
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