Hi , dear odoo community & my instant-erp value clients , customers and friends from Malaysia and Singapore , hope you all are having lots of fun to learn about Odoo , and it always has something new to learn about ,

here , i would like to introduce to the Odoo community regarding about how we simplify our own support task workflow by customizing the Google Gmail and integrate it with instant-ERP chrome extension to Odoo.

if you ever trying to keep track of your tasks at Odoo and then keep track of your Gmail messages and in a days so many new emails , notifications , you will wish to have something more simple and after have look for many alternativessss …

you test it , some you like the interface & you wish to use it but there is no FOC account , some it looks ugly but it has all the features you need and it is expensive tool and some that i went thru are …

will Asana be good to work with Odoo ?
will Slack which lately everyone is talking now good ? You ask… How can i get my collaboration with my developers , with my clients & with my own ERP data can be in sync ? You have tried many others project management tools , trying to think what is the simplest way of keeping tasks and messages in a single platform and still searching then i hope this inspire you with new idea !

But you need to be chrome extension developer and Odoo developer too ,
here you are ,

if you look at the image below (try to read the RED description ) ,

and the sidebar will display only in your DESKTOP chrome (mobile not available for now , why ? ask Google ,why chrome extension is not available for mobile ?! ) when instant-ERP extension is installed like below ,
it will have be able to have the sidebar and it is in pure html5 coding which
using JSONRPC to communicate with the Odoo , 
After developing this extension , it got me started to think of more possibility
to customize instant-ERP, powered by Odoo to provide flexible solutions to adopt to many different trade or industries .
Hope this help you find idea ! Happy Odooing …