When I read the OpenERP – Sorry SAP Campaign – The Making Of , i appreciate what Fabien has been dreaming and dare to make a difference and that really motivate partner like ourselves , as always as what i mentioned , when i found TinyERP at 2005 and comparing with Microsoft and other OpenSource
ERP , come to the object orientiated framework , it is one of the most thoroughly thought and design framework that can take itself to a completely new level ,

I crossed my finger and told my partner , said that if we were to implement ERP , let take this OpenERP and started to use it , in version 5 , we were struggling , we do not know python , we do not know ERP , we do not know manufacturing industries , we only have our experiences in using the good old Delphi , VB , using MySQL , paradox tables and using PHP and struggling to always trying to look for good framework , where i found yii framework and about to develop our own , i found TinyERP , that has completely change the development platform and experiences for the past 5 years.

We can see that over the years , OpenERP is growing, locally Malaysia , from the 1 partners , we have grown to 4 partners and i believe will not stop there , but at year 2011 , my company also was facing a major crisis , where friendship within the company and trust were broken , we were struggling too ,in the midst of our struggle , we tempted to think about whether Fabien or openERP are trying to forget about the small partners benefit ,

but the true is in any business , they will have to do the same like what Fabien did for OpenERP , the principle is to survive before they can provide to the rest of the network , partners can either contribute in supporting OpenERP to survive by providing more sales revenue or providing customize modules to further develop
OpenERP , in over the years of implementation of OpenERP , I have decided which route to go when i following the wave of OpenERP , how about you , partners ?

My dream for my company is to become an official GOLD partner of OpenERP within the next 2 years.

In fact , lately , I attended a webminar , i cannot remember who was it , did a presentation on sales but at the
end of it , he said “ok , thank you and let us change the world” , he in my opinion , is one of the best marketing
person who did a AWESOME job to let partners to know what kind of software they are selling!

So in supporting SorrySAP.com campaign , OpenERP , let us change the world in ERP arena together !