After reading the technical writing in sorryOpenERP web site , as a technical person , I do think
that some of the points is correct but I think the PERSPECTIVE of looking at the weakness of openERP framework is very important.

Do we have a victim mindset or someone who benefited from openERP . That will decide what we will do
to our response when criticism comes. To be honest , when i looking into the framework , how it was started by Fabien from TinyERP , the growth of the framework , to the growth of into the present openERP ,

I remember the time of using tinyERP, with a sudden change of name to OpenERP , a web site to a sudden
update with the memorable forum which i learned so much from it. So i have grown to have deeper knowledge . Although I am not as smart as the creator and also many of the developers around the globe , but from the changes , I observed from many open source projects over the past decade and found those surviving and continue growing, especially ERP projects , very few are like OpenERP.

from my humble opinion , to achieve this it takes ,
1, A visionary leader – who inspire , who has determination , who has desire to change the world ,
    Google , Larry Page , Microsoft , Bill gate , one has vision to get the all information in the world
    to be connected in internet and another with the vision to get every household to have personal
    computer , Fabien has brought in a vision that some one dare to dream but dare NOT SPEAK ,
    that is to power on all the SME through the open source of a powerful ERP .

2. A good framework , openERP is not the best , but it is improving and will be continuing improving
    as long as it is SINCERELY open source and many great developers will contribute and make
    it greater.

3. Embrace changes , i live in Johor , Malaysia and just beside Singapore , while I see with my
    own eyes of the power of the growth in both these 2 countries and places , which it has
    grown over the past 10 years and people have to embrace changes or else they will be left
    behind , i remember our trainer that came , we are the 1st company who asked openERP to
   send in their trainer to come to Malaysia , the trainer told us that “we must try to follow the
   footsteps…” , to change the world to re-think about ERP by opensource” is a big tasks ,
   I had that dream too ,

Today open source has generally impacted ALL in the Technology ,
be in Google , Micosoft , Oracle or any market , localized Malaysia or Singapore software,
which one do not feel pressure from open source market ?
be in The economy ,
be it in the personal office software , now i basically can see i can survive without using M$ office.

Today , honestly , i am still learning , still hacking the core of ERP , i understand that the documents
is not the main priority of openERP , but I do not want to complaint ,they have already trying to give their best in the framework and every business has to be profitable where none of us should disagree ,
so  i decided to be proactive and try to help and learn at the same time , my skill is continually growing and i am having more fun of implementing it and more confident as i have build more and more customer relationship and project for the vertical industries ,more friends and partners around the world and also moving to a dream i set to revolutionize the Malaysia and Singapore SME market .

after all these , although i am not there of what i dream about but i can’t say is openERP caused me
to stuck here , I can only say there are something lacking in my own skills in, management , leadership or whatever that require to take me to the place i dream about , but

I will not stop here , i have a vision for openERP to be a platform to grow , do you have it ?
the secret power of openERP lies in your vision and the Passion for the technology !