what is CI ? it is continuous integration !

Been doing lots of integration , working on various source code , multiple 3rd party modules , developing our own Local Malaysia modules as well as industrial focus modules ,i.e. fleet , manufacturing modules , one thing can say about our own development management and project management methodology , “chaotic !!!” , when we need to handle multiple projects , with limited resources , i know , the way we do things are not the right way to do things and if we do not get to improve our ways , someone will take over our clients !

so what is the industrial practices , CI is the answer , i think we have to begin to explore it so eventually can improve our service for our clients ,

we heard about runbot , we know how openERP use to always talks about it …  but it is not simple to do it … i have went through a few of it and are trying to figure which is best ?

so far … i know  
(travis ) https://travis-ci.com/
(jenkins) http://jenkins-ci.org/

(runcheck) http://rundeck.org/index.html

it is one step further , after source code control at SVN, launchpad , github … it is now CI !
i blog here is for my own learning record , how that point you to a right direction too , but be sure to come back later , for some update , which i will certainly share once i get to know how to do it !

Cheers Malaysia and Singapore OpenERP community ! happy Odooing !