Hi , local Malaysia SME and all Odoo (formally openerp ) users , how is life and hope you all be able to leverage to one of the best ERP platform around to help your business to grow , one of the most important topic of leverage the power of the Odoo is to use its integrated Human resources functions ,

Here i will begin to write a tutorial about the Odoo HR modules and the Payroll modules and how we can apply into our SME company and setting up different policies for our payroll calculation.

The topics will cover most of the HR and Payroll subject that most will be interested about and some of the basic topic , i will be sharing in these blog but for more advance topic and you are interested , please contact me directly by letting me know about your company name , your official office local contact number and your email address for an obvious reason , business and commercial arrangement. (Hope you all won’t mind we are doing this , simply because , we need to CARI MAKAN also (for surviving, FOC will not be able to sustain my business) , just drop me a mail , of course no obligation ! 

Basic Topic :

  • Concept of Odoo / OpenERP Payroll ,
  • Setup of Salary Category , Rules and Structure ,
  • Setup of Payroll Period ,
  • Setup of Employee Contract from Trial/Probation period till Employee confirmation  ,
  • Management my Timesheet ,
  • Human Resources : Leave management concept , 
  • Human Resources : Expenses management without GST ,
  • Human Resources : Appraisal process,
  • Employee Termination process ,
  • Printing of Simple Payslip ,

Advance Topic :

  • Human Resources : Discipline management ,
  • Human Resources : Skill management ,
  • Human Resources : Recruitment process with Department planning ,
  • Human Resource : OT management , 
  • Employee attendance and Interfacing with Hardware ( FingerTec , or any localised hardware including a PC based attendance system ) 
  • Malaysia MTD / Computerised calculation for 2013 and up .
  • Malaysia , Social insurance ,Perkeso / Socso contribution 
  • Malaysia , Employee provident fund , EPF ,
  • Malaysia , HRD fund and claims ,
  • Localised Payroll reports 
    • Payroll checking summary (both monthly and yearly )
    • Local statutory Reports.
  • Employee’s expenses with GST application ,
  • Payroll Accounting journal entries ,
  • Employee commission , 
  • integration and customisation ,
  • Customisation of Payslip , Payroll Checking Report ,

I am still preparing the topic and this is the initial post and if you do have some feedback and what can be included in the Basic or Advance topic  ,do feel free to drop me a mail . So here begin, hope to see u soon, do come back to check our , or by subscripting to our newsletter.

Thanks again , happy , odooing !