Hi SME ,

Merry Xmas and happy holiday !
After Odoo v9.0 , i believe everyone busy trying out and moving or migrating to the new platform , we are busy for our existing modules to be prepared to migrate to v9.0 also but this blog post is not for v9 but for v7 !

do you ever come across , you have multiple companies which uses different db for Odoo / openERP and you wish to have something that can consolidate and help your logistic , sharing the cost … ?

Here is an app build for this requirements ,

and it can be configured to accept and sync with your other database including Odoo V9.0 with minimum customisation ,
the Delivery order sent from other db look like below …

and the user can arrange the delivery to be responsible by which Lorry and the lorry driver will have an offline capable app to login in and pull the DO into the Mobile App and then start arranging his delivery ,

please take a look at the mobile app video shared …

this mobile app is features :

  • can send messages through Whatsapp ,
  • can use Waze to find location ,
  • can view driver personal KPI records ,
  • can work offline (after synced from ERP )
These are the initial idea and should you have more idea , feel free to share with me or feedback , 
(Note : this is a proprietary app , so if you are interested do feel free to contact us and we are good to customise one just for you !) , Happy Odooing …