I have written FIFO method quite a while ago and now lately , i have seen this
module and demo , which some of us , SME , MAlaysia which uses FiFO / LiFO
method in calculating your stock values , you can refer to this ,

To download the module for V7.0

or a demo using version 6.1 with the idea of using production lot but there
are custom modules which is not freely available when u need this , this
is for an idea for those developers who wish to develop Fifo costing
method and point how we may go about it!

Here you can view it …

and it is not easy to design a Fifo method , however , after watch the youtube , the video does
give me a direction on how to develop a good Fifo costing module.

Hope it help you also and should you need our help , please feel free to contact us.