As SME ourselves , i am lately learning how to do marketing , well i am not expert and i must say , i believe , this business world has changed , ever since Social marketing started and has already evolved into a very different space , now the trending is about machine learning marketing campaign ,so i believe even i (or like many of you) do not learn in the past , WE should be able to catch up pretty soon , due to my advantages in terms of technical aspect , but yet i wrote this blog not for technical individual , instead is for any person , SME who wished to learn how to leverage on Internet+ to transform their business or earn potential high side income , 

ok, i am thankful you take time to read  up to here… , so sit tight , here comes the FACTs …

Now i assume you already have a product(s) and i am not going to talk about searching for a product to sell ( which i may start another blog to talk about it , if i got enough likes say 30 likes in my facebook , on this post ! )

Components of successful marketing campaign for your business is my topic , but do not get it wrong,i am not guaranteeing your success for your marketing campaign. but at some point , i learned from Facebook , which i want to share , to me , to learn is to share ,which are as follow :  
  • 1. Use Automation whenever possible for your campaign ,
  • 2. Systematically improve efficiency of ads
  • 3. Leverage all sources of internet + every where , anytime , with team 
    • Facebook , Google Adwords , Audience Network
    • Open source office Tools , hey your documents , spreadsheets and powerpoint ( and if you do not mind to share with the public , powtoon , Prezi presentation make professional impression , better than those paid one anytime and absolutely stunning !) 
    • Gmail , google docs suite , 
    • Cloud CRM / Sales , E-commerce and ERP , 
    • Cloud Files Backup system
    • Crowd sourcing platform, i.e. Uber which disrupt the conventional business !
    • Mobile apps
    • IoT 
    • Big data and many more to come !
  • 4. You need knowledge of Best practices to leverage marketing on Facebook , it is easier to pay a marketer  , but usually as a entrepreneur , i know what we want , we have strong passion of what we do not know , but if that things is enable us to “lower cost and increase efficiency” , we want to know , we want it and we wish we are the only person to know it , but sorry you cannot do that in the internet world , in the past perhaps , you keep your secret of some common practices / recipe to keep your competitors away but na , not now , Now , is that if your do not know it and know it do not start to do it , every one else who start later than your business who master the new social marketing skills than you , it will be too late , as it will come like lighting , flash , fast ! ( i will come out another blog which will describe fully on the topic of Best Practices using Odoo that powered Instant-ERP for your Fb Marketing Campaign )


我很感谢你花时间阅读这里…,所以坐紧,这里是FACTS …




  • Facebook,Google Adwords,受众群体网络
  • 开源办公室工具,文档,电子表格和 powerpoint(如果你不介意与公众分享,powtoon,prezi演示文稿使得专业印象,比那些支付,任何时间,绝对能够惊人!)
  • Gmail,google docs套件,
  • 云CRM /销售,电子商务和ERP,
  • 云文件备份系统
  • 人群采购平台,即Uber破坏了传统业务!
  • 移动应用
  • 物联网
  • 大数据和更多!

4. 你需要知道的最佳实践在Facebook上利用营销,它是更容易支付营销人员,但通常作为一个企业家,我知道我们想要什么,我们对我们不知道的有强烈的激情,但如果这事使我们能够“降低成本,提高效率”,我们不仅想知道,我们想要它,我们希望我们是唯一的知道它的人,但遗憾的是你不能在互联网世界,在过去也许能够,你保持你秘密的一些常用做法,以保持你的竞争对手,但不,现在,现在,是,如果你不知道它,知道它又不开始做,每一个人谁开始晚于你的,但谁先比你掌握新的社交营销技巧,这将是太晚了,因为它会像快速追上!