Hi , odooer , formally openerper , for one of our local Malaysia client , we are working on a mobile application for them , it has the features of

  1. To track Salesman new appointment for the month and generate daily target report
  2. To track appointment fixed and appointment done for the salesman
  3. To provide a lorry driver delivery planner (capable of multiple sites , multiple db , e.g. 2 different db from different location but same warehouse and same driver ) to get daily delivery plan , track GPS and track image upload.
  4. To track production start / end time and send messages to inform sales and warehouse for the status of the production
  5. To provide field technician to do after sales support , such as capturing GPS and images posted into the CRM after sales support.
  6. A management dashboard 
here are some of the design of the mobile screen , do come back here more , as i will be posting more regarding of this apps ! These are only the template screen , we will come out more on this project , it will be interesting as we are designing the mobile apps as “hybrid” model – both ONLINE and OFFLINE and it could be the base for our future development for POS!

Till the next time i update this , do appreciate your feedback !