Hi to all the Malaysia and Singapore SME that uses openERP , we are so glad be the first one who take the chance to start implementing openERP and we crossed our finger and say TinyERP … please survive and grow and there it comes to this stage ! openERP ,

Today I am not going to tell you about how openERP impacted Malaysia and Singapore SME in terms of system but rather to talk a little bit about the connector available for the connectors available for e-commerce connector ,

in the market , the most common one is Magento , Prestashop , now you will have Taobao

Prestashop E-commerce management using Open ERP.  For V7.0
Magneto –Openerp Bridge 
Taobao Connector V7
in these days , if we are to open a web shop in Malaysia / Singapore and if we wish to have a great platform to work with , i recommend you try out the combination of Prestashop + OpenERP , then you will get LOTS of PO from your customer , happy using !