Yes, you are reading correctly , Odoo Stock Costing need some discipline to keep it correct !!! It does not work the same like your usual distributed Accounting , inventory or off the shelf  invoice & Billing system .

Hi ,Malaysia or local SME , don’t we love Odoo and hate Odoo at the same time ? it has been a while back for my last article about a new POST for my experiences in implementing Odoo , as the first provider in these region , for all of my local , Asian based customer all face this issues where the complains always circle round these few things ,

why the look of reports not similar to what my local Financial format , why the bank reconciliation is so strange , we have to type the bank statement one by one … why … and why … it suppose to be a default way of showing Chart of Account with figures , why do not have , worse than the older version … wow …

Among the worst is , Stock costing ,in this round , i wish to lock in to talk about just VERSION 10 Community with inventory set to Average costing with Periodic valuation. So all the other setting is not applicable to this POST.

Now we know that , Odoo has this beautiful explanation , https://www.odoo.com/documentation/functional/valuation.html ,

but seems that we all do not understand what it means , basically what it means in terms of entering our stock costing transactions is that ,

1. we must enter and with a correct stock opening with correct costing ( + make sure you need to also take in to consideration that your opening stock costing ( the stock move/stock adjustment you have done for EVERY product before you start delivery , must produce the same agreeable stock valuation amount which same as the value at the balance sheet of your audited account , i.e. from the above image , you must never enter the Delivery of the 10 products , at least not before you enter the receving of the 8 and 4 qty if the products )

2. we then must make sure that we have a correct and should i say a PERFECT entry of which you entered your Purchase Order , Delivery and Receiving in a correct date order , what i mean , yes , there is no back dated way to allow us to key in of your transactions , (opps, sorry for all Asian SME , which we usually key in Purchase Order and receiving later right ?! as long as i can see my physical stock is there and i can print Delivery order and Invoice will do … you will have a disastrous inventory valuation !!! )

look at my another image below ,

the product P-Ac005 , i purposely entered the Stock receiving at the same date , 1/July/2018 which is both 8 , 4 and 2 respectively in qty respectively then i enter another ISSUE/Delivery of the same product on the same day , which is 1/July/2018 for 1 unit and i want to check the Average costing which is shown there , $11.14 which is correct , but i purposely make another transaction which is back dated before my 1st opening receive and which to see what will it gives and well … it gave also $11.14 … the stock suppose is Delivered before 1/July ,the 1st receive , so logically , how was the costing is been calculated and provided here … ( should i say , Odoo is no good in this kind of weird entry and it does not like the way we Asian do out entry , it does not allow us to compromise or manipulate the Costing of the stock , if you want , do it correctly and do not have room for mistake , if you do make a mistake then make an inventory adjustment so the system will log what u did … what the system does is good, but CAN YOU/ your business operation or common practices ACCEPT it ? )

ok , i make another 2 more entries , now , this time , i made a Purchase Order at May/2018 a back dated entry and i check the stock move and it look likes below ,

and with the average costing , the cost calculated at the product look like the below , with amount $15.47 ,

i purposely Purchased with a price of $25 for 5 for the same product and the report show correct Unit Price , but now if i purposely key in a back dated Delivery Order , let say , some how , i forgot to issue Delivery Order due to some valid reasons , what happened if i key in this Back dated delivery order , what do u think it will look like in my stock move report for the same product ? lets see …

does that look correct ? , on the May/15 , we received 5 units with cost of $25 each, but then on Jun/14 we key in suppose is the 1st delivery of the product P-Ac005 , which the Delivery recorded the unit price as $15.47 , emm … does that sound right to you , by this time , your inventory cost are already in a mess and imagine , you want to calculate the Gross profit for the product as at 15/Jun , you will get a meaningless Stock costing and there will be no report , no nothing in the default system that can help you to evaluate your stock costing correctly , so this is the fact of the Odoo v10 community , Average + Periodic costing method .

if you face this issues in your implementation , you complains so much to your ERP vendor but just does not get your stock costing right ,but if you have answer for it , great , if you don’t then you can engage our services and see if we can help you out on this !

But it is your choice , if you do not wish to be charged of the services, you can DIY, and with the default Odoo , the only way to make your data look great and report of stock costing showing the correct result , is to have discipline and make sure you have what it takes the discipline of “all” of your users who is responsible to key in the Purchase or manage the inventory to follow date and key in chronologically ! Hope you learn something , cheers !