Hi ,  are you trying to look for help in how to setup using the facebook login,
here you go , a complete guide for you  ,

Applicable version : V10 and till v12 , v13 not sure, not tested… you tell me

Prepare :

*** First activate your Developer mode then you follow the steps ,
*** Then install the module ,
auth_oauth module
*** refering to https://github.com/odoo/odoo/issues/29256 , we need to patch the module, you can go and download this
      module and install it. https://github.com/LeCaoPhuc/moretarget/blob/master/test_module/

What you need is the following steps … ,

1. configure to allow user to sign up using Oauth
2. configure the Facebook app  , now go to your facebook , developer account ,
    https://developers.facebook.com , if you do not have , just apply one
    pretty straight forward , in it , create an App , then you have click on the Facebook Login  and select the
    Enter Valid OAuth Redirect URI ,
3. Get the FB app-id and set to your odoo , facebook , client-id , as follow ,
Facebook oauth login setting
same image as above then go back to your Odoo and key in the client id value here to remind you the app-id is your client id  …
4. should be good to go ,
    when you click sign in Facebook …
    if your browser already has the facebook session ( i.e. you already login )
    then you should be able to see this …
if you not yet sign in, you should be able to get the authentication dialog page,
and when the user have entered the login authentication information, they will be asked to confirm before redirect back to your website,
and you may be asked to confirm the login if you enabled 2 factor authentication , and see the dialog as follow,
so that will simplify your client to login into your great odoo powered sited , should you have any further requirements , such as support assistance or customization requirements and implementation consultation services , for handling your Malaysia and Singapore SME business requirement , do feel free to let us know , thanks, happy odooing  !