Hi Odoo (formally OpenERP ) communities , how has it been , your Odoo journey ? We are excited that we have recently focusing our energy in moving from V7 to V10 and some of us are still considering whether you should from Older OpenERP version of 5.0 to Odoo 8.0 and Odoo 9.0 to the Latest Odoo version 10.0 ,

i know , you may also notice that version 11.0 is around the corner, but for ourselves ,after we started to implement it , we find some good reasons why you should be upgrading your Odoo to version 10.0 and not to wait and see any more …

Here are the reasons :

1. E – commerce focus , it is very easy to integrate your backend products , orders and bring it online with Paypal , Alipay( yes , you heard me , Alipay!) ,Credit card online payment and online ordering and possibility to integrate your multi-shops on Lazada , 11streets and Lelong with the backend !

2. Manufacturing enhancement  , in the past , we have implemented MRP and found lots of missing features , but that was before Odoo Version 10.0 , now it covered many area of your manufacturing requirements ,


Better split between Kits and regular BoMs. Removed start and end dates on lines; replaced by BoM versioning.

Manufacturing Orders

Manufacturing orders appear in the inventory dashboard and have a picking type to organize multiple assembly lines.

Push & Pull Rules

Use the new picking type to benefit from push and pull rules automations on manufacturing order.
(Enterprise version , i know what you are thinking , it is not FREE , but i must say , it is worth investing if you really consider the benefits , cost saving and possible to increase your profitability , it is way worth of your investment , you can now manage it better in terms of Quality control , Engineering changes , even up to planning of your Master production schedule with the KPI that effected by Machine breakdown  )

  • MPS
    • New Master Production Schedule to plan future manufacturing orders.
  • Finite Capacity Scheduler
    • Schedule work orders based on the capacity of the work centers (MRP II Scheduling).
  • Work Center Tablets
    • Put a tablet on each work center to view worksheets, track production time, answer quality checks, scan serial numbers and trigger alerts.
  • OEE
    • Track your Overall Equipment Effectiveness with availability losses, performance losses and quality losses.
  • Reports
    • New reports for: costing (based on theoretical or real values), traceability, OEE, maintenance and quality.
  • New Dashboard
    • New MRP dashboard to track performance and quickly access your main operations.

3. Performance improvement ,

4. DIY capabilities , your have your own website editors , you do your own layouts , design it & publish it ,

5. Local Malaysian Payroll and Human Resource Attendance , with ours localized payroll that have EPF, SOCSO and PCB computerized calculation, and integrated with time clock/attendance system , back with Odoo online Leave , human resources modules you can have a peace of mind where if you need

6. GST Compliance modules , yes we have moved our GST modules from older version to the newer version! You will have yours GST-03, GST checking and GAF file ! Now with improvement of the latest Mar/2017 RCMD GST revision and enhanced with Import / Export custom forms handling of the distribution of GST.

7. Improved Localized Malaysian Financial Reporting system ,

8, Offline capable , beautiful Ipad POS system that is fully integrated with Odoo version 10 ,

And from the above reasons , i found a lot of SME in Malaysia and Singapore or near this region will still considering cost of implementation as top priority over to their priority in capturing Market shares , improving their Business process , improve and enhance from conventional to a more globalized friendly but may have not really consider the following :

imagine ,
lost of market shared … , where your competitors is moving online , working on their e-commerce platform and their action is stirred by the recent Alibaba’s Jack Ma move ,they have already integrated with Lazada and backing up with local logistic solutions to a better Shop & Receive with a peace of mind concept ,
( i bought online recently and love doing it and can feel the difference now and before, how about you , SME  ?)

and in Malaysia are recently many new Payment method is coming to Malaysia , among them some of the big and popular one ,Samsung pay and yes AliPay …
and not only we need to ask what will happen , but we have to ask given another one more year , wait and see , let say wait till Odoo V11 is out , how much more market you will be losing and how much further it will leave you from your competitors or from those new comers that knows your business’s weaknesses and take advantage of you where they know most of your operations such as your Manufacturing processes or business processes are still very manual , records in Excel or Spreadsheets and still very OFFLINE & conventional ,

trend is not only we are going online but will be soon MOBILE platform will come ,so if you are considering of upgrading your business operation to online , then i am happy for you ,BUT YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW and you have to also ask the platform that you are investing is it going to GROW WITH YOU , where adoption of your business dynamic with capabilities and flexibilities features and functions is very important .

Hope this article can help you to find our more reasons you need to start transforming your conventional business to online and i must say Odoo Version 10 is among all , one of your best choice, with a fraction of your investment , it can achieve Lowered your Cost, Improve your Productivity , Improve Collaboration and Increase your Profit !

If you have any concerns or any inquiries about this , feel free to contact us , we love to help you and wish to work with you together on this !