Odooer , SME and those who are concerns about your online presence , nowadays , who don’t have concerns over this SEO/online marketing topics right ? So when we who are using Odoo platform, to continue, quickly after launching of your Odoo E-commerce sites, we will be asking is our Odoo SEO friendly , here is a detail explanation from Odoo V9.0 documentation .

But from what i learn lately , the structure is important , where SILO structure has to be there , enforcing not to mentioned Content is king , but onpage /offpage , able to perform A/B testing , be able to analyse before and after marketing campaign and most importantly giving the complete platform to perform all this online marketing tasks , is really not easy ,
on one hand , we have our company daily operations that we need to take care , that can be done by Odoo’s CRM & Sales or Web site / POS , Purchase , Inventory & Accounting modules and on the other hand …
we have to get more sales from Promotions , Sales Campaign , marketing event , road shows , email mailing list but not just spending money on it but have
to evaluate whether our spending on the marketing is worth of what we have
spent , so the platform have to be able to perform analysis on the traffic , CPC etc … 
We also have tried to look into this requirements and check and see whether Odoo can provide us to have it all , most of the time , i found shopify + FB adv is a very good sales tool for many SME , online seller , easy & flexible … but mainly focus on the sales but with Odoo , we emphase on having a complete platform , so when can we make a complete platform for SME to start transforming their business ?